Facing a difficult pregnancy?

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If you or someone you know needs assistance with an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, help is available:    

Call 631-476-LOVE (5683)  any day, any time (24/7).  

All conversations are safe and confidential.

What is FIAT?

If you are overwhelmed by an unexpected pregnancy, contemplating abortion pills, distressed with an adverse prenatal diagnosis, experiencing a miscarriage, worried about feeding your child, regretting past abortions or other pregnancy-related distress, FIAT pregnancy support from Catholic Health (CH) can help you sort those things out and get the care you need.


FIAT's Mission
To affirm the sacredness of all human life by welcoming every expectant mother and her preborn child regardless of circumstances or need. We provide access to Christ-centered medical care, accurate information, material aid, and accompaniment to those we serve.

Together, we ​enlighten consciences and give faithful witness to the Divine meaning of motherhood, fatherhood, family and the inviolable dignity of every person.
What We Offer
The Catholic Health FIAT Pregnancy Support Program is available to any pregnant woman who is in need, regardless of age, religious belief or affiliation, marital status or immigration status.

Catholic Health FIAT Pregnancy Support offers non-judgmental support by a team of trained professionals who can guide a mother in accessing community resources to:

• assist in continuing the pregnancy (such as identifying local agencies that provide food, shelter and clothing)

• provide care for both mother and baby during and after pregnancy

• help with healing after pregnancy loss
At the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary to ask her if she would consent to become the mother of God’s Son. Mary’s “yes” to that question, her fiat (“let it be done” in Latin), changed the course of history for all humanity. Through her unhesitating “yes,” freely given without condition, she became the vessel of Jesus’ Incarnation, an instrument of God’s Plan for our salvation, and our spiritual Mother.

Our Lady’s love and trust in God was so deep that even though she did not fully understand His Plan, she accepted it with everything she had. Because of Mary’s perfect humility, faith, and openness to God’s will, she is the model par excellence for us to follow to live as disciples of her Son, Jesus. So, too, Our Lady’s fiat is an invitation to embrace God’s Plan for us without fear, but with hope and trust.

The FIAT Pregnancy Support Program is so named because it reminds us that Our Lady’s “Yes” should be ours, too. Each of us has been wonderfully made and given a unique purpose specifically designed by God for us. This purpose is a vocation, a calling, that God offers to us so that we may know, love and serve Him in this life, so as to enjoy eternal happiness with Him forever in the next. This is why the Diocese of Rockville Centre, in partnership with Catholic Health, has created the FIAT Pregnancy Support Program for women and for couples when they discover the new life in the womb God has sent them. Every new life is a blessing, even when there are challenges. FIAT is meant to help families see the blessing and assist with the challenges. Our Lady had more faith and trust in God than fear of the unknown. She is there to intercede for us in times of uncertainty and apprehension. And FIAT is there to help, too. In whatever way the call manifests in your life to protect, to support and to love the life not yet born — as mother, father, friend, or another important role — Be not afraid! For when we say “Yes” and welcome new life, Our Lord, Our Lady, and FIAT are there to help.


It only takes a phone call to find real hope.